Tennis Basics

In the entrance hall you will find a folder containing booking sheets for three weeks ahead. On these sheets, regular bookings, club nights and coaching sessions are marked and these times are therefore not available for members to book.

Courts are available at all other times for members to play free of charge. Exceptions include:-

  • An inter-club match
  • A court booked by placing a green £1 stamp on the relevant sheet (see below)
  • A court reserved for coaching (as indicated on the sheets)
  • Club tournaments and finals day (see notice boards for dates)

Up to an hour before you want to play, adult members may book a court for one hour by placing a green £1 stamp on the sheet. The stamp machine is located by the squash courts. The stamp should be placed on the court and time required with the players’ initials written on the stamp. If floodlights are required, use 2 x £2 brown stamps instead of the £1 stamp. If no one is waiting, you may of course play on, but in the case of floodlights the extra time must be paid for by adding additional stamps to the sheet.

These are charged at £4 per hour. The minimum payable for courts are booked in advance is £2 for half an hour (brown stamp), and the maximum is 11⁄4 hours at a cost of £5 (2 x brown + 1 x green stamp). Floodlights on courts 1-4 and court 6 must be turned off by 10.30pm. Floodlights on court 5 must be turned off by 9pm. The switches are on the wall on the right hand side of the hall as you come through the front door. Floodlights should be turned off as soon as you have finished playing (unless someone else wishes to use the court, but please note that once floodlights have been turned off they must not be turned on again for at least 20 minutes.

If play is rained off, a floodlight booking may be moved to another day by “drawing” a stamp on the sheet on the chosen day and writing the details beside it. Green £1 stamps may not be moved for any reason.

If you haven’t booked a court and all the courts are busy with people waiting to play, you should play a tie break set and either vacate the court or invite others to join you, with a preference for playing doubles.

Junior members have priority on Court 5, which cannot usually be booked. There are a few exceptions such as Saturday morning during junior coaching and Saturday afternoon between 2pm and 4pm when Club afternoon has priority on this court. If juniors wish to use the court and adults are playing, the adults should finish their current game and give way graciously.

This may be used at a cost of £2 per hour. A £2 stamp should be placed on the booking sheet for the relevant day and time. The machine is stored outside the men’s changing rooms. It must be used on Court 1 so that it can be plugged into the socket on the out- side wall of the clubhouse (under the clock) or Court 6 where it can be plugged in at the North-West corner of the court.

Please leave the Courts in the way you expect to find them where you arrive. This means all litter, including water bottles, ball tubes, metal ball tube lids, should be placed in the rubbish bins provided. Please also remember to shut all doors and gates. The local foxes do enjoy eating the tennis nets!