Internal Squash Leagues – Feb update and March 2018 Leagues plus 1st April update

1st April update

Dear All, 

March leagues / End Of Season

 Please note that the March leagues and end of season is this Saturday 7th April (with no extensions). Please ensure any matches not yet played are completed by Saturday evening. As this month determines the final positions and prize winners for the season points will only be awarded if 1 player cannot play and I am informed by both players of the reason by Saturday.

 Summer Leagues

 I will be running summer leagues once again, starting from Mid April, through till August. As normal, these are friendly leagues, so there will be no league fees payable, with prizes for the top 3 players overall.

 IMPORTANT – To avoid players dropping out mid month or otherwise, please email or text me “THIS WEEK” if you “DO NOT” want to be included in these leagues, in particular those players preferring to concentrate on Tennis through the summer. I’d like to ensure those players wishing to play get a full 4 games each month through the summer. Players who do withdraw for the summer to rest, recoup or concentrate on tennis will be contacted in August to confirm they wish to re-join in September.

 Overdue League Fees:

 As the season is ending next week, I will be due to pay out all winners and players already in credit over the duration of the season. To do so I will need everyone still owing fees to settle these asap. Please check the notice board and place your funds due in an envelope and pop under Malcolm’s office door.

 and finally……………

 Squash League Fund / Club Maintenance / Social

 As you will all no doubt be aware over the past 5 or 6 years since I took over the running of our squash section, we have been accumulating a fund from the league fees we collect (£5.00 a month), which we use to fund the monthly prize money and Order of merit winners. The idea was that the leftover funds would be periodically used to fund social events. We have managed a few over the years (Night at the dogs, curry nights and drinks after tournament finals) but have a substantial fund remaining.

 On behalf of all the squash players (and I hope everyone is in agreement to this) I have proposed to the Club’s Executive Committee that we would like to contribute a small amount (£250) towards the cost of redecorating the hallway outside the squash courts and also the walls etc on the squash balcony area. This job really needs doing to smarten up the squash areas and is scheduled to be done soon by the club, and will save the club money towards the cost of the paint & materials needed. In addition, we are hoping that we can get a working party together with enough of our players to be able to get this done ourselves as quickly as possible and without the need to get an external contractor to do this. Please let me know if you would be willing to give a few hours on a Saturday to help complete this.

 But “MOST IMPORTANTLY” this still leaves considerable funds for us to spend on some fun!!! It’s difficult for me to find time to research ideas/activities, so please let me know if anyone has any suggestions at all, and would be prepared to do some digging / looking into something most of us would enjoy doing, either at the club (night in the bar / band etc) or externally (eg Plumpton Races / Dogs etc), or something different (please….)!!!  

 Good luck with the final games of the season, and I’ll be in touch soon.


Ali Anderson
Cooden Squash Chairman


Feb update and March 2018 Leagues

Dear All,

We are all finished for the penultimate month of the season (Feb) with just 1 month to go to decide the final Order of Merit Winner and places. Well done to all the Divisional winners for February each winning £10 who were (NB these are put towards o/s fees and any monies due back are paid out at the end of season):

Division 1 – Jon Merrick
Division 2 – Nick Griffith

Division 3 – Mike Matthews
Division 4 – John Suggitt
Division 5 – James Dewar

Division 6 – Bob Sear

Division 7 – Alexia Rodway

You can view the final league results for Feb, the new leagues for March (which will be on the notice board Monday morning at the club), and the current Order of Merit leader board on the attached spread sheet. The new leader is Ryan on 121 points closely followed by long time leader Chris Weller and Jon Merrick on 117 points. Remember there are prizes for the top 5 places at the end of March so still plenty of chances to squeeze into the top 5!!.   

Please note that the March leagues and end of this season will be on Saturday 7th April (with no extensions). 

 Overdue League Fees:

I have attached an up to date League fees schedule (and a copy will be on the notice board by the leagues), please note if your name is in “YELLOW” you currently owe league fees which as a reminder are £5.00 per month. There is £255 overdue in total so if you owe funds please put this in an envelope with your name on and slide under Malcolm’s office door next to squash court 2 as soon as possible. I hate to name and shame but the following players owe at least 2 months worth (after deductions of monies paid and monthly winnings) and this needs to be paid by the end of March so that I can then pay out the winners and those players in credit:

Brannigan Biggs – £30

John Roberts – £25

John Sanderson – £20

Ryan Johnson – £15

Jay Baltruschat – £15

Duncan Feathers – £15

Steve Morris – £10

Mike Matthews – £10

Stuart Johnstone – £10

Chris Makin – £10

James Dewar – £10

Ian Clasby – £10

Ryan Hyde – £10

Tony Aubin – £10

 Club Handicap K/O

 There are still a number of games not yet played and we are already approaching the deadline for the 2nd round. Can the following matches please be arranged asap for this week so the competition can progress to keep us on track for the deadlines and finals dates:

 Chris Weller -v- James Dewar

Ian Clasby -v- Ryan Hyde

Steve Morris -v- Tom Hammick

Daniel Over -v- Peter May

Stuart Johnstone -v- Dan Coppen

Jay Baltruschat -v- John Roberts

 That’s it for this month, hope you all have a great final month of the season on the courts.

 See you soon,


Ali Anderson
Cooden Squash Chairman