Internal Squash Leagues – Dec Update and Jan 2018 Leagues

Dear All,

We are all finished for the 3rd month of the season (Nov/Dec) and that’s the halfway point for this season’s Order of Merit Trophy. Well done to all the Divisional winners for November each winning £10 who were (NB these are put towards o/s fees and any monies due back are paid out at the end of season):

Division 1 – Jon Merrick
Division 2 – Steve Morris

Division 3 – Paul Ralley
Division 4 – Blue Marsden
Division 5 – Dan Coppen

Division 6 – Dave Jarvis

Division 7 – Duncan Feathers

Division 8 – Ian Clasby

Division 9 – Colin Spratley

You can view the final league results for Nov/Dec, the new leagues for January (which are also now on the notice board at the club), and the current Order of Merit leader board on the attached spread sheet. The current joint leaders are still Chris Weller and Colin Spratley on 77 points  

Please note that the January leagues will finish on Friday 2nd February

Overdue League Fees:

I have attached an up to date League fees schedule, please note if your name is in “YELLOW” you currently owe league fees which as a reminder are £5.00 per month. There are now quite a few players who owe more than just 1 months fees (see the “To Be Collected” column), if you owe funds please put this in an envelope with your name on and slide under Malcolm’s office door next to squash court 2 as soon as possible so we can bring this back up to date.

The Plate K/O Final 2017 – Saturday

The final of the this years Plate K/O will be held this Saturday at 5.00pm, congratulations to John Suggitt and Keith Rodway for making it to the final, please come down and support them when they do battle. If you are planning to come down to participate in this Saturday’s club afternoon please note that only 2 courts will be available from 5.00pm.

Club Championship 2017

We are still some way short of being able to finish this tournament, all those still to play matches please ensure that these are played by the end of next week so we can progress the tournament to a conclusion as soon as possible.

And Finally….. Court Bookings

Unfortunately we’ve noticed that the number of courts being booked but not paid for on the day has been increasing again of late. Please remember that courts must be paid for at the time of playing (if not before) and cancelled prior if you can’t play so that other members who might wish to play are aware that courts have become available. The following courts (mostly from November….) remain unpaid so if these are courts you booked, please ensure you add a court stamp to the booking sheet which is pinned now to the notice board the next time you are at the club playing:

Thursday 16th Nov (5.00) – John -v- Blue

Tuesday 21st Nov (6.30) – JS -v- AR

Monday 27th Nov (6.30) – Steve O -v- John B

Friday 24th Nov (4.15) – Nick -v- Dave

Tuesday 19th Dec (6.30) – Ryan -v- Alex

That’s it for this month, hope you all have a fantastic new year this weekend and a successful 2018 on the courts.

See you soon,


Ali Anderson
Cooden Squash Chairman